CDL Real Estate Developer for Tengah EC

CDL Real Estate Developer

CDL is one of the leading real estate developer in Singapore. CDL has been publishing its dedicated sustainability report since 2008. The 2015 sustainability report was created using the Integrated Reporting approach. This methodology helps companies communicate the business value of ESG integration. Today, consumers expect more transparency from businesses and regulators are demanding more transparency. Despite this pressure, CDL has long embraced sustainability and has been committed to social responsibility. This is evident from its annual report. Despite its large size, the company still remains a local powerhouse with over 70 locations in 19 countries.

In addition to real estate development, CDL is also involved in hotel ownership and facility management. As a result, its portfolio spans a variety of industries. Its properties range from residential and office buildings to shopping malls and hotels. In addition, the company also has a carbon disclosure policy with key subsidiaries, such as Millennium & Copthorne Hotels. The company is an active member of the Global Compact Singapore Network and supports the advancement of responsible corporate citizenship in the region.

The Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Management System (EMS) at CDL Real Estate Developers sets the benchmark for EHS performance in the project and property development industries. The EMS includes the requirements for planning, procurement, and construction phases. It also includes an EHS Policy. For the first time in Singapore, the company has been certified by both ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 for its environmental and health and safety management system (EHSMS).


In addition to using sustainable construction practices, CDL has become the first real estate developer in Asia to have its carbon reduction targets validated by the UN Global Compact’s Science Based Targets initiative. CDL is committed to meeting these targets to meet its mission of limiting global temperature rise to 1.5 degC by 2030. Its efforts have led to the certification of a wide range of properties in Singapore. This includes condominiums, office buildings, and industrial complexes.

As a developer, one of the most important aspects of quality management is ensuring that your project is safe and up to standard. You can check this by calling the hotline number provided by CDL. The company is committed to maintaining the highest level of quality, but also offers other services to its customers. The QMS allows you to manage risks and costs effectively, and it also helps you achieve continuous improvement. To ensure your property will meet all the safety standards, it is essential to keep the entire process transparent.

To implement a QMS, you need to have a quality control plan in place. This plan should have a process flow that is clearly defined and documented. The process should be implemented in phases, with oversight from senior management. Once you have decided upon a process flow, you can deploy the system by breaking it down into subprocesses and educating your staff on the new procedures. The systems are also best deployed through company intranets. Control and measurement are largely accomplished through systematic audits. The requirements for your QMS will vary based on your business size, potential risk, and environmental impact.

After its thriving domestic business, CDL’s international expansion was fueled by the company’s focus on hotel development. The company began its hotel operations in Asia in the early 1990s, with acquisitions in the Philippines and Taiwan. Eventually, it had built 130 hotels worldwide, with more than 40,000 rooms. In the Philippines, CDL acquired the heritage Hotel in Manila, and later added the Grand Hyatt in Taipei. These expansions helped the company establish a presence in a market that was becoming increasingly important for luxury hotel chains.

In Singapore, CDL sought to expand its presence with new developments. It built several projects that became landmarks in the city. One of its most notable developments was The Sail@Marina Bay, which resembled a sail and was sold out within a matter of weeks. Another high-profile development was the St. Regis Residences, a 173-unit condominium complex. These were the first brand-name projects for CDL.

More information on Tengah EC

Tengah EC information on the site plan and floor plans for the development will be available soon. Please also see the gallery as well as the video and e-brochure which will be uploaded here soon.

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