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    Tengah EC Site Plan

    The Tengah EC will be a green community with generous landscaping and features promoting healthy air quality. The site plan incorporates green features to promote better community relations. Medical and community facilities are located nearby, making the location ideal for this type of development. The Evergreen Forest Town will have a low entry price and will be located near multiple public transportation options. The Evergreen Forest Town is located within walking distance to a number of public transportation options.

    If you’re considering investing in a new property, Tengah EC is a great choice. It is located near the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve and features several greeneries and recreational facilities nearby. The building also features a fitness centre and swimming pool, as well as balconies that overlook the lush greenery. The development is expected to be the first of its kind in the West.

    The innovative design of Tengah EC will feature intelligent technologies that accommodate the upcoming digital infrastructure and technological advancements. With a focus on sustainable living, these features will contribute to a more convenient lifestyle. Intelligent features such as natural ventilation and integrated solar panels will enable residents to save time and energy and enjoy an environment-friendly lifestyle. A dedicated electric vehicle charging station will be available in the site.

    The proposed Tengah EC Site Plan will feature over 6,000 new flats in a lush 80-hectare landscape. It is the equivalent of a Botanic Garden, complete with a garden-themed farm-way and framed by the Tengah Pond. The Garden District will also feature abundant landscaping and a tranquil wooden courtyard. Upon completion in May 2019, Garden Vale Tengah is set to debut.

    If you’re on a tight budget, then the Tengah EC Site Plan might be right for you. The EC Site Plan is a newly released executive condo in the Tengah New District, a town with many greeneries and recreational facilities. At the same time, the entry price of the site plan is a very low $603 per square foot, making it a prime location for any future investment. During its initial launch phase, only married couples are eligible to purchase the plots. It is also located near Jurong Eco-town and Jurong Innovation District, which should encourage healthy interest among investors.

    Located close to the Central Business District (CBD), Tengah EC is a new development with a hybrid vision. It aims to create an industrial hub near the CBD. This new community will feature a number of green features, a smart condominium, and other environmentally friendly features. It will be located near the Jurong East and Bukit Baok areas, making it a desirable retirement home in Singapore.

    The MCL Land group, a leading developer in Singapore, has announced that it is planning to develop a new neighbourhood centre on the Tengah EC site. As a joint venture partner with MCL Land, it plans to construct 620 units of residential units across 12 blocks of 14 storeys. The new neighbourhood centre will also feature green modes of transport to reduce the carbon footprint. This is in line with the government’s aim to cut down on greenhouse gases.

    The development of the Tengah EC site will bring in innovations in sustainable living. It will also feature green features and amenities, and free public transportation and parking. Its goal is to attract a diverse population to the area, which will ultimately result in a healthier and more vibrant community. There is no shortage of potential tenants for the new development, and it’s sure to be a booming success!

    More information on Tengah EC

    Tengah EC information on the site plan and floor plans for the development will be available soon. Please also see the gallery as well as the video and e-brochure which will be uploaded here soon.

    Disclaimer: The information listed above are strictly for your reference only and is by no means a conclusive and final representation of the units available. The chart is currently draft and is subjected to the final approval from the authorities. The developer and the salesperson is not responsible for the information reflected above and the information is strictly for entertainment purposes only. Please check with the direct developer sales team for more information for a more accurate representation. You can also register for a show flat viewing to get a better representation for the development for your consideration. Information on the elevation chart as well as the balance unit chart can be found here as well as at the showflat.

    For financing, please see more info on the stamp duty as well as progressive payment schedule of the development. The prevailing loan information and criteria of other websites can be found here.