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Tengah EC Video and Features

The Tengah EC Video is a blueprint for the modern town. It is the first of its kind in the area, and it incorporates the Biophilic Town Framework (BTF) which guides the enhancement of landscapes and nature. A nature-centric neighbourhood is considered healthy, attractive, and conducive to well-being. It is also close to a bus terminal, making it an ideal location for recreational engagements.

Located near the Central Business District and Jurong Innovation District, the Tengah EC location is conveniently close to the city center. It is about a thirty-minute drive from Jurong Lake District, the second-largest central business district outside the city center. This EC site is also near Jurong Lake District, and is within walking distance of several proposed business developments. The Tengah EC Site is located near public transportation services, making it ideal for families with young children.

Tengah EC Video is an impressive one, encompassing more than six million square meters. The estate will feature 620 private housing units, spread over twelve blocks of up to fourteen storeys. In addition to the polyclinic, it will also feature a community club, a polyclinic, and a bus interchange. The project also features 12 parcels of land set aside for educational institutions. It is part of the master plan for the town, and its vision for a smart, sustainable, and car-free town center.

The new urban neighbourhood in District 24 is known as Tengah EC. The new town centre will feature a twenty-hectare Central Park, a public amphitheatre, and links to the Jurong Region Line by 2026 as can be seen from Tengah EC Video. The new town center will be surrounded by lush green belts, parks, playgrounds, and community farms. All of these amenities are located in a car-free town centre.

The Tengah EC has a lot of potential as a future town center. It is located near the proposed Tengah Garden Walk, a road that has yet to be built. It is also close to three MRT stations and is set to be a completely car-free town center. It will offer an eco-friendly alternative to the conventional city center and will help residents live a healthier, more convenient life.

The Tengah EC Town Plan integrates smart technologies and natural ventilation. It will be the first “smart town” in Singapore. It will include energy-conservation systems, a seventy-metre farmway, and community gardens. The project is expected to take about 20 years to complete. In addition to a high-rise development, Tengah will also feature green amenities such as solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems.

More information on Tengah EC

Tengah EC information on the site plan and floor plans for the development will be available soon. Please also see the gallery as well as the video and e-brochure which will be uploaded here soon.

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