First Public Housing with Centralised Cooling at Tengah Town

As one of the first sustainable and energy-efficient townships in Singapore, Tengah is now offering residents the luxury of Centralised Cooling in their homes. This is one of the town’s eco-innovations that are being deployed across HDB blocks and community & commercial facilities. Combined, these innovations offer magnified benefits to town operators and residents. Together, the residents and town operators are contributing towards sustainability and mitigating climate change.

The solar-powered cooling units at Tengah are designed with the aim of lowering the overall energy consumption of the town. The town will have a centralised system of chillers installed on HDB roofs, and the system will distribute chilled water to residential and commercial units. To achieve this, solar panels will be deployed to optimise the space available in Tengah, and solar energy will be used to power the cooling system.

The concept is similar to the district cooling system installed at Marina Bay, which cools the Marina Bay Sands. Its operators, the SP Group, have achieved 100% reliability since the system was installed in 2006. The new central cooling system in Tengah is free of charge for the residents, and it will be accompanied by predictive maintenance services.

This energy-concierge application is designed to help the tenants manage their electricity consumption and energy bills. It will also help them discover and subscribe to smart home solutions and electric vehicle charging points. The new technology is being piloted at Tengah Town, Singapore’s newest town. The government is aiming to release the first batch of HDB flats there by November. The government has partnered with the SP Group to develop a centralised energy software system for the residents of the project. It will act as the brain of the project, collecting and analyzing data on energy consumption. It will then learn to optimise the use of energy.

The new system is expected to bring significant energy savings to the residents. The cooling system will be operated by centralised chillers, which are 30% more energy-efficient than conventional air-conditioning systems. The chillers will be powered by solar energy that is collected on HDB rooftops. The new centralised cooling system is also expected to reduce electricity costs for the residents by 30 to 40 percent over the life of the project

The development of a forest corridor in Tengah Town will provide a unique environment for residents and visitors. This five-kilometer long corridor will have different kinds of rainforest trees planted along its entire length, and it will connect the Western Water Catchment Area and the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. The development will also include hiking trails for people to enjoy the natural beauty of Tengah.

This development will be Singapore’s first car-free town centre, enabling residents to use buses and the planned Jurong Region Line to travel to other parts of the city. The transportation system will run underground, freeing up space for other activities. The town centre will be dotted with a large number of parks and open spaces, as well as areas for community farming. The development will also feature a 100-metre wide forest corridor.

Tengah Estate is a proposed development in the future town of Tengah. It will include 615 units spread over an area of 22,020 square meters. The development will be close to a proposed car-free town centre and three future MRT stations on the Jurong Region Line. It is expected to be complete by the third quarter of 2022.

The development will have a large central park, community farmways, and bicycle and walking paths. It will also be close to the Jurong Lake District, Singapore’s second central business district. Tengah Town will also be connected to the Jurong Innovation District, a new cluster of offices and hotels, as well as to several key transport nodes.

New HDB flats

HDB developers have announced plans to launch a new block of flats at Tengah Town. This project will be situated at the intersection of Tengah Drive and Tengah Garden Walk. It will have about 550 flats and will include community gardens and cycle paths.

The HDB has also announced the launch of new PLH flats at Bukit Merah. It has also lowered the price of usual PLH flats for first-timer families. Additionally, Alexandra Vale will feature two-room rental flats.

Cost of CCS

One of the most notable features of Tengah town is the centralised cooling system. The system is the first in Singapore’s public housing estates. It helps to control temperature in individual flats to save energy. It is also cost-effective, as HDB will not have to pay for a separate cooling system for each flat.

It also requires less maintenance. Unlike conventional air-conditioning, centralised cooling systems do not require the frequent refilling of refrigerant gas. They also do not require sensors, coil washing or compressor maintenance. Furthermore, the system is backed by Daikin and SP Group, which guarantee the best quality service.

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