Plantation District at Tengah Town for Community Farming

The Plantation District at Tengah Town aims to provide a peaceful environment for homeowners with its amenities such as the Forest Fringe, a 20-meter wide linear green space. Other amenities include a recreational passageway called the Plantation Farm-way. The development will consist of 10,000 new homes spread over 90 hectares.

Park District

The Plantation District at Tengah Town is a community farming hub on approximately 700 hectares of land. Located near Bishan, the town is projected to provide around 42,000 new homes. The community is divided into five residential districts, each with a unique theme and flavor. Tengah’s Plantation District, for instance, offers 10,000 units with a focus on community farming, urban farming, and “Farm to Table” dining.

The project’s innovative features will allow residents to experience nature in every corner of the town. It will incorporate a five-kilometre long, hundred-meter wide Forest Corridor and a Forest Fringe. It has also come a long way from its early days of low-tech planning, with the use of data analytics and computer simulations.

The Plantation District will have 2,000 square metres of green space for community farming and gardening. It will also feature a four-metre-wide shared path for cycling and walking. It is envisioned to be the real heart of the town, where residents and the community can gather and spend quality time in nature.

First car-free town center

The first car-free town centre in Singapore is set to open in Tengah town. It will be a pedestrian-friendly area with underground roads. The absence of cars will make commuting safer and allow more space for recreational activities. It will also feature bike paths on both sides of the streets.

The new town centre will also include a park district and seven thousand units. Other amenities will include a supermarket, food court, childcare and tuition centres, as well as a 70-metre farmway. The town center is planned to be completely car-free and feature smart technologies.

A car-free town center will be the first of its kind in an HDB town. The roads will be under the buildings, allowing pedestrians and cyclists to enjoy the new town centre. In addition, all apartment complexes will feature charging stations for electric vehicles, encouraging a wider adoption of electric cars. This way, Tengah will be future-proof, ready for electric cars and autonomous cars.

Green modes of transport

Green modes of transport are essential to keep a plantation district sustainable. One project aims to transform a plantation district into a sustainable community. The development of the Tengah Eco-town will feature integrated energy management, a centralized cooling system partly powered by solar panels, a car-free town centre, community gardens, and a 5-km forest corridor. In addition, residents will be able to monitor their energy use using energy monitoring equipment.

Green modes of transport are also key to reducing carbon footprint. In Tengah Town, for instance, roads will be underground so as to reduce carbon emissions. The town will also have dedicated bus lanes, cycling paths, and a train station. The plan calls for the introduction of eco-friendly vehicles and has installed electric vehicle charging stations outside the town centre. Other initiatives include segregating traffic from high foot traffic areas, and preparing roads for self-driving cars.

Tengah will also have comprehensive community and medical facilities. A bicycle network and car-free centre will be built to encourage residents to walk or cycle into town. Residents will also have access to a community garden and farm-to-table dining.

Unique identity of Tengah

Tengah Town is a new community in the Tengah District. It is located near the Central Business District, Jurong Lake District, and Jurong Lake District Nature Reserve. In addition, Tengah is also close to the Jurong Innovation District, a new cluster of offices, hotels, and other key transportation nodes. Hence, it is a great choice for families looking to live in a small town.

Tengah is an eco-friendly community that aims to promote sustainable living, health, and balance. The community’s development has been designed to be ecologically friendly, and there are dedicated farming and gardening areas. Moreover, there is also a 100-meter-wide Forest Corridor, which is part of a larger ecological trail.

Tengah has a plan to become the first biophilic town in Singapore, integrating the built environment and the landscape of nature. The aim is to minimise the environmental impact of urban infrastructures. It also incorporates community farming and urban farming into its urban development.

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