Smart Town Features Available at Tengah EC For Residents

Tengah EC is a smart town that is planned to include many smart features for its residents. It will include an active recreation area, plenty of green spaces, a bike and walking path, and other sustainable features. It will also feature a centralized cooling system to lower energy consumption. There will be many smart features in this town that will improve the quality of life for its residents.

Tengah EC is a smart, sustainable condominium community. The smart features of the development include efficient energy management, automated waste collection, and centralized cooling systems. These elements help to minimize landfill waste and promote a healthy environment. The community is also designed to maximize convenience for residents while maintaining the natural forest setting.

Tengah EC is a unique community that combines a smart, city center lifestyle with green living. The city has many green features, including smart-enabled homes, green roofs, and solar roof panels. The community is also implementing smart sustainability technologies, such as geothermal heating and wood pellet burning stoves.

The community is near the Jurong Innovation District, Jurong Lake District, Woodlands Regional Centre, and Tengah MRT station. It is also conveniently located near major employment hubs like the Jurong Innovation District and Tuas Port. Moreover, it is within easy access to the Pan-Island Expressway and Kranji Expressway. The nearby Tengah Town Centre includes a hawker centre, sports centre, and medical-care facilities.

The Tengah Master Plan has included a green initiative to promote sustainable living. The plan is focused on implementation and five projects have been approved so far. These changes will not only increase the value of the resale flats, but will also help residents become more eco-conscious.

Tengah EC is a new development near the CBD, and the first eco-friendly development in the West region. The development will incorporate many green features and sustainable amenities, including a green farm-way and abundant landscaping. The development will be car-free and will have extensive bike infrastructure for residents to get around.

The Sustainability features available at Tengah ECO-City are designed to help the environment. This concept community has many sustainable features including smart energy management, automated waste collection, centralized cooling system, and more. The development also strives to protect the natural forest landscape. The concept is intended to provide an environmentally-friendly living environment that is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

The energy management system of Tengah EC will include an app for residents to monitor centralised cooling and utilities. The app will also help residents learn how to conserve energy and make lifestyle adjustments based on their consumption patterns. In addition, residents will also have access to educational resources and competitions to encourage energy conservation.

The community garden is another sustainable feature available at Tengah EC. It is a green space that provides residents with fresh produce and is also aesthetically pleasing. The garden is located adjacent to a proposed MRT station and is part of a town plan that incorporates green infrastructure.

Tengah EC also offers a green network of parks, offering recreational and environmental activities. In addition, the town is a leader in sustainable design, construction, and technology. Many of the park homes, small businesses, and science and technology institutions are built with green building methods.

The Tengah EC project is also near a future MRT station and a major bus interchange. It is also adjacent to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. As such, it is likely to receive healthy interest from tenants. In addition, it is located near Jurong Eco-town and the Jurong Innovation District.

With its proximity to Jurong Innovation District, Jurong Lake Gardens, Tuas Port, and Jurong Eco-town, Tengah EC offers many advantages to its residents. The project also includes a new town centre with hawker centres, sports complex, and medical facilities. Since the development is still under construction, prices are more affordable than nearby new launches. In addition, developer discounts are offered.

Tengah EC is a smart condominium development that incorporates many green features. It will have a strong focus on sustainability and is expected to be the first of its kind in the West region. Residents will enjoy the benefits of a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, as the development is designed to minimize air pollution while maximizing accessibility and convenience to the city center.

The project is near the Central Business District and Jurong Innovation District. It is also less than 30 minutes from Jurong Lake District, the second largest central business district outside the city centre. The development is also near a nature reserve, making it a perfect place for families.

Smart features are designed to integrate future digital infrastructures and technological advancements into a high-quality lifestyle. It will also incorporate natural ventilation, a sports hub, and an eco-friendly atmosphere. The building’s green features will promote a sense of community among residents. The development will also contribute to the local economy.

The community will also be home to three upcoming MRT stations, including the Jurong Region Line, which will link the western part of Singapore to the north-west region. It also has extensive walking and cycling paths. Furthermore, the development will also include a town centre, retail space, and an integrated smart technology platform.

If you are looking for a luxurious new home in the city, Tengah EC might be the right choice for you. This development offers a variety of units, from cozy one-bedroom units to five-bedroom flats. Its price is also lower than comparable private condos. In addition, you can avail of a CPF Housing Grant of up to S$30,000 if you are a first-time buyer. Other benefits include a clubhouse, a gym, and a security guard.

Tengah EC is near a future MRT station and bus interchange. It also has a public park and cycle paths. Its proximity to the new town district will help residents lead healthy lifestyles. In addition, it has twelve parcels of land reserved for educational institutions. The development is part of the master plan of Tengah, which aims to create a smart town.

In addition, the new EC will feature innovations in sustainable living. It will incorporate green features such as energy storage and renewable energy sources. Moreover, it will feature a dedicated EV charging station. This doubles as a mobility aid for residents and will contribute to a low carbon footprint.

The location of Tengah EC is an advantage, as it is located near the bukit Timah nature reserve and a future MRT station. It is also close to several schools, including Bukit Timah. The project will also be accessible via Jurong East Link MRT.

In addition to these perks, the development will also have dedicated farming and gardening spaces. Its 5-km long Forest Corridor will provide a natural pathway and eco-friendly living space for residents.

A new EC is coming in the prime location of Tengah, near the Jurong Region Line. This line will help improve connectivity in western Singapore. The development is expected to be completed by 2018. The area is also close to several schools, shopping malls, and MRT stations.

One of the biggest plus points of this EC is its proximity to MRT. It will be located around a five-minute walk from the Tengah MRT station and the town centre. This will be very convenient for those without cars. Currently, the development is underway, but once it is completed, it will have great accessibility.

The EC will also feature a mini golf course and a swimming pool. Its master plan includes green features that encourage sustainable living. Residents of this EC will also enjoy access to public parks, cycle paths, and community farmways. It is also located near the upcoming Tengah town district, which will feature separated pedestrian streets and a car-lite town centre.

As the area is close to the MRT, this development will appeal to a diverse population. It will have twelve blocks with up to fourteen stories, with 620 EC units. It will also be the first EC in the West region. The development also has smart features that will make it energy efficient and eco-friendly. This will allow residents to reduce their energy consumption and still enjoy easy access to the city center.

The Tengah EC is close to the town centre and is close to schools and amenities. It is also near a polyclinic and sports hub. A community garden is also part of this development.

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