Park District at Forest Corridor For Vibrant Urban Living

This innovative park design offers a variety of ways to experience a forest at Tengah EC. Its topographic relief is provided by large oval mounds, while nighttime drama comes from twenty-foot light wands embedded in perimeter paths. The park also features a corner food kiosk and trellised cafe terraces. The perimeter path is framed with light strips and is flanked by perimeter garden beds. A large oval mound breaks up the formality of the lawn to provide a viewing platform for staged performances and city life. In addition to its horticultural and urban design, the park is also designed to encourage walkability, with clear lines of sight.

The Perk Pass allows OCTA employees to travel on local fixed-route buses for a discounted price. To board, employees simply swipe their Perk Pass in the farebox. The Perk Pass is free and companies need to have at least 10 bus-riding employees in order to be eligible.

The closest major train station is Union Station. From here, Metro trains run to West Falls Church and BWI International Airport, which is located near Baltimore. From there, you can board the Metro to reach the National Zoo. In either case, make sure to check the schedule before you go. This will help you find the best route.

Communities that promote walkability, or the ability to get around on foot, offer a wealth of amenities and services, including community gathering places and strong local identity. These amenities help meet the growing demand for walkable places and support transit, while also improving residents’ health and well-being.

Perk Park, for example, is adjacent to one of the largest contiguous urban arts districts in the United States. The city’s new light-rail system has sparked interest in creating walkable areas. But despite the growing popularity of walkability, many cities in Texas face significant challenges.

Perk Park is a prime example of the power of small public spaces. This once blighted public land has been transformed into a vibrant community space, a demonstration of civic will and design. As a result, Perk Park has become a popular destination for young professionals and families.

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