Smart Tengah Town with Car Lite Transport at Tengah Town Centre

Tengah EC is one of the first EC in the area, which has huge potential for further development. Developed by MCL Land and CDL, Tengah EC will be a high-end residential development. It will include a central park and a cycling route. It will also feature community farms and other amenities.

The master plan for Tengah Town aims to make it an environmentally-friendly town with smart features and good public transport connections. The plan includes a car-lite transport system in the town centre and two dedicated walking and cycling paths. This will not only reduce traffic on the roads, but also improve safety for commuters. This plan is a part of Singapore’s commitment to become a car-lite city.

The development is set to feature the first car-free town centre in the country, with a pedestrian-friendly Market Place. This will make the town centre accessible for residents and help reduce traffic on the roads. Moreover, the town will also be a pedestrian-friendly zone, with all roads having paths on both sides.

The Tengah Eco-centre is a green living district within walking distance from the Central Business District and several educational institutes. Located just 30 minutes away from the CBD, it will feature five distinct districts, including a central park, recreational areas, and health and sports hubs.

The central park in Tengah will be large and feature trees and a water bank. It will also have walking and cycling paths. It will be the first such park to be built in an HDB estate. It will also feature car-lite transport services.

The development of Tengah Town Centre will include a new town park, dedicated bike lanes, and car-lite transport. This is part of the town’s master plan to foster a sustainable lifestyle. In addition, it will have a large retail and dining district within walking distance. As a result, it promises to redefine the notion of living in harmony with nature.

Cycling is a great way to get around Tengah Town Centre. It provides a unique way to connect with nature and the community, and also allows residents to walk or cycle to the town centre. With more than four-thousand new homes planned for the area, it’s easy to see why a cycling community would be a popular choice.

Tengah Town Centre will be the first HDB town to adopt a car-free Town Centre, which is good news for cyclists. This will enable the town to be more environmentally friendly and encourage more people to get around. It will also be more pedestrian-friendly thanks to its dedicated cycling and walking paths.

The future town centre of Tengah will be car-lite and pedestrian-friendly. It will feature underground roadways with separate lanes for cars and pedestrians. This will promote a green environment, while ensuring a safe and convenient ride for everyone.

The new town centre will also feature a large central park and community farmways. Dedicated walking and cycling paths will also be available. The whole town will be set within parkland with underground transport. It is part of Singapore’s efforts to become a car-lite city. It is expected to be complete in 2026.

Tengah will be a sustainable town and be the first HDB town to incorporate smart utility monitoring systems. These systems will help residents to save energy. They can also help alert family members in case an elderly person falls. The government has also announced plans to make the town car-lite once it reaches a critical mass of residents. This is possible because underground roads will create more space for other modes of transportation.

In Tengah Town Centre, you can easily avoid the hassle of parking cars and enjoy car-lite transport with dedicated bike lanes and walkways. The town centre will also have an underground road network for easy access and convenience. Moreover, it will also have a thriving community hub and will complement the Jurong Lake District and Jurong Innovation District.

The transport network at Tengah is complete with underground and elevated crossings, shaded paths, and dedicated bus lanes. It is close to the Pan-Island Expressway and Bukit Timah Expressway.

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